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NHSHP Student Pharmacist Scholarship 


Annually NHSHP awards up to two $2500 awards to student pharmacist showing leadership qualities; these students will be the next generation to move the pharmacy profession forward. 

We are now accepting scholarship applications! 

Deadline for scholarship material is January 15, 2022 by 11:59 PM EDT

Scholarship qualifications and application process are outlined in the guide below.

Guidelines for NHSHP Scholarship Award Submissions 2021-22

Letter of Recommendation Guidance 2022 Award

NHSHP Scholarship Application 2021-22

Please pass along to any student pharmacists you know!

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Congratulations to our very own Board of Director Regina Martin!!

For her hard work and dedication to patients and the profession of pharmacy she was awarded the

New Hampshire Pharmacist of the Year Award 2021!

Regina was called upon to serve as pharmacist in charge by the State of NH to lead the mass vaccination effort at the Loudon Motor Speedway.

Thank you for all that you do!

Recent Legislative Work 

House Bill 479 - Passed and Signed into Law

An Act relative to pharmacist provider status, nicotine cessation therapy, and pharmacy benefits manager requirements.

  • This bill includes pharmacists as providers for certain covered services including Medicaid and authorizes pharmacists to provide nicotine cessation therapy pursuant to a standing order from a physician, physician assistant, or APRN and to be reimbursed under Medicaid.  The bill also prohibits pharmacy benefit managers from requiring additional accreditation of health care providers.

House Bill 1280 - Passed and Signed into Law

An Act relative to copayments for insulin, establishing a wholesale prescription drug importation program,  establishing a New Hampshire prescription drug affordability board, establishing the prescription drug competitive marketplace, relative to the pricing of generic prescription drugs, relative to prior authorization for prescription drug coverage, and requiring insurance coverage for epinephrine auto-injectors.

  • Requires insurers to cap the total amount for insulin for covered persons.
  • Establishes a prescription drug affordability board to determine annual public payor spending targets for prescription drugs, develop and implement policies and procedures for the collection of prescription drug price data, implement a register of drug manufacturers for drug pricing data, and establish funding for the board by reasonable user fees and assessments.
  • Clarifies the pricing of generic prescription drugs under the law governing consumer protection.
  • Clarifies the procedure for prior authorization for prescription drugs on the formulary under the managed care law.
  • Requires insurance coverage for epinephrine autoinjectors.
  •  Establishes the prescription drug competitive marketplace
  • Establishes a wholesale importation program for prescription drugs from Canada by or on behalf of the state.  This bill requires the department of health and human services to design the program and obtain federal approval for the program.  

House Bill 572 - Passed and Signed into Law

An Act relative to pharmacist administration of vaccines and allowing a licensed advanced pharmacy technician to administer vaccines.

  • This bill allows licensed advanced pharmacy technicians to administer vaccines, combines the pharmacist administration of vaccines authority into one section, provides for recording vaccinations in the state vaccine registry, and requires the report of any adverse reactions.

Immunization Resources:

If you are already national certified in immunization delivery but need some refresher material here is a list of opportunities to consider below:

APhA offers an annual immunization update for free https://elearning.pharmacist.com/products/6119/your-annual-immunization-update-whats-new-and-whats-to-come 

Pharmacist Letter also has immunizations CEs
The APhA website also offers videos on vaccine techniques that they can review https://www.pharmacist.com/vaccine-administration-techniques

COVID-19 Resource Center:

ASHP COVID 19 Resource Center Link

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