Dear Health System Pharmacists, Technicians, student pharmacist, and support members,

Covid-19 has stressed our public health system, but it has also allowed us an opportunity to showcase how pharmacists and pharmacy technicians can solve important challenges.

I had the opportunity to sit down recently with the President of the European Society of Clinical Pharmacy, the Saudi Society of Clinical Pharmacy, and the Oman Pharmaceutical Society. We talked about a wide range of topics related to pharmacy education, clinical practice research, and advocacy for safe and effective medication use. At the end of the conversation, I was struck by how we are all searching for the same thing, we’re just at slightly different parts of the journey. As a society we create an environment for best practice to be discussed and provide a single voice that can advocate to our elected officials.

As a society, we are a collection of professionals who are all volunteering our time and energy to improve the care of our friends and neighbors who need medical services.

I invite each of the pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and pharmacy students in New Hampshire to find a way to make an impact this year, just like you did last year. There are grand acts that happen, like the development and running of a large vaccination site. And there are simple daily acts of contribution like taking another moment to check in with a nurse colleague to make sure they are emotionally ok.

There are many opportunities to get involved. You can join one of our committees, attend a CE, volunteer to give a CE, or help support one of the several scholarships that we provide to students.


Matthew J. Maughan, PharmD, MHCDS

President of NHSHP

New Hampshire Society of Health System Pharmacists

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